The Vineyard

The farm includes a vineyard wich presents some heterogeneity, making its wealth by the diversity of the products it generates, and 60ha de grain lands.

The vineyard is made up of 13ha of Ugni blanc, principal variety over the farm, destined to the production of Pineau and Cognac, 0.5ha of Sauvignon for the white wine and 0.6ha of merlot/cabernet for the red wine.

The most ancient vines are low vines, which rows are 1.8m spaced, some of them are still manually harvested for the elaboration of Pineau and grape juice.

The recently planted vines, which production is used to elaborate the wine, have 2m spaced rows, this makes it easier to use tools for the ground working - to use less weedkiller - and decreases the amount of vine ceps above one plot, consequently having a beneficial role on the vine and the quality of its producted fruits. They are manually harvested too.

The most part of the wine destined for distillation is taken from high vines, which the 3m spaced rows are higher and more loaded than those of the low vines.

Ugni blanc lends itself perfectly to this type of cultivation, which allows to obtain both best productivity and good quality.

For obvious reasons of cost and time saving, these plots are harvested by machine. Besides the fact of handpicking the grapes wouldn't have a significant influence on the producted brandy's quality.